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Tips on How To Save With Your Free Estimate

New Affordable Kitchens provides a full service estimate for anyone who would like us to measure and take care of all the details. But if you’re willing to save us some time it can save you some dime ... ok thats a bad rhyme, but you get the point. See how you can save below.

Other Tips on How To Save On Your New Kitchen Order

What is it all about for you? Is it strictly about getting the best price? Or is it also about quality goods and services such as installation with a reasonable price, but not necessarily the lowest price? Just remember the saying “ You get what you pay for”- that saying is so true when it comes to cabinetry and installation. Time is money and quality installations take more time than most people realize. It’s the small things that eat up the most time. You can SAVE by deciding to do some of the smaller tasks yourself. For instance drill and attach your own handles. Just let us know what you are willing to do to save money. We will note this and exclude the costs associated with these tasks.

Estimate Option 1 - SAVE MONEY up to 20% off your cabinets when you measure the room yourself and submit the measurements on a sketched floor plan. See DIY section for tips on measuring. Include a note on your floor plan about your preferred choice of door style and finish as well as your preferred countertop option. Save more if you plan to do the installation yourself, just let us know up front what your plans are. Also include one picture for each section of your kitchen as it is now. Rather than email all your pictures as attachments, consider sending us a public link in your email, to an online photo album instead. In your information or email include your contact details along with daytime phone number to avoid processing delays, incase we have questions. Upon receipt of your details we will confirm by reply email and may request additional details at that time. We will then take all the information and pictures provided and will put together an estimate. When the estimate is ready we will contact you to set up a shop at home appointment to confirm all of your details and door selection in person.

Estimate Option 2 - Full service. Let us do all the measuring. Simply book an appointment by using the contact form above - just scroll up. On the day of the appointment, at the confirmed time, a New Affordable Kitchens representative will visit your home, take all measurements along with photos and will collect any additional information needed about your plans, preferences and project scope to allow us to put together an accurate price. The representative will inform you of the best way to proceed with design and pricing. Depending on the complexity of your kitchen remodeling or renovation plans it may be advisable to first invest in a 3D design and then provide an estimate based around the final design. At that time, cabinet door styles you selected on the contact form, will be shown to you along with other similar cabinet door options. After you have settled on a specific door and finish for your new affordable kitchen, the representative will take all the information collected and will put together an estimate for you.

Estimate Option 3 - Contractors. Contractors can save as well by sending us measurements for a free quote. We will do the rest, just let us know what style of door you are looking for with stile and rail width you prefer. We will confirm receipt of your information by reply email and will provide a timeline for your estimate to be returned to you. If it is your first time quoting with us be sure to also include all your contact details including full address and all phone and fax numbers, plus proof of business registration and your HST number. For details on how to get the best pricing using our program visit our contractor sales page.