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Kitchen Design Experts

Design included with every purchase

We include measuring, design and cabinet layout with every regular priced kitchen cabinet purchase. In fact its so important to the process that even when we offer a discount on cabinets we will generally offer a reduced rate on a design just to encourage the customer to go ahead with it. A design insures a proper planning process and helps with accurate pricing and installation.

Our design and planning process

We want to create a design that fits your life and your space. To help us do that we will need to know everything there is to know about the space you will be using to install your new affordable kitchen. We also want to know about your design tastes and expectations and your wish list for your new kitchen. You can help us with this process by gathering pictures and information and making decisions in advance of our shop-at-home visit. More tips can be found on our shop-at-home page.

Our pricing will be based on how much information you provide us with for the estimate. See our DIY support page for DIY incentives or our free estimate page for estimate options.

If you do not want to create your own cabinet layout or design, that’s no problem, we will collect the measurements and accessory information needed through our preset quoting process when we come to give you a free estimate. When we visit your home we will bring with us sample doors and colours to choose from. Before we arrive, please gather any pictures of kitchens and countertops, that you like. This will be very helpful as a picture speaks a thousand words.

Save time and save 10% off your cabinets , when you submit your own measurements by fax or email and submit a free estimate request at the same time. We can then put together a design for you immediately. That means when we visit we will have more time to focus our attention on answering your questions and reviewing samples.

When submitting your own measurements: It is tremendously helpful if you provide a scanned or faxed sketch containing the shape of the main layout with measurements including wall lengths, door and doorway widths, windows (to outside edges of trim), height of the ceiling and bulkheads from the floor, depth and height of bulkheads if they will stay, location of and size of exhaust vents, floor registers, plumbing pipes, gas and electrical. Please use inches when measuring as our program and cabinets are in inches. Remember to include the dimensions (WxHxD) of your appliances OR provide appliance make and model numbers for new appliances so we can look them up. If you are planning a complete renovation or new construction send us a copy or sketch of the dimensions related to the new space based on your plans.

Once we have all of your specifications we will create a computerized layout and final quotation, if one has not already been provided. You have the option of receiving your quote by email along with immediate access to your drawings by making a small advance deposit. Any advance made will be deducted from regular priced cabinet purchases. If you are happy with the design layout and price and would like to move forward, we will book a time and date for your cabinet delivery and installation, unless you plan to do the installation yourself.

Design planning is the key to setting an accurate budget

How can planning save you money? A kitchen design helps to avoid what we call “C.Y.B” and “OOPS” pricing. C.Y.B or “Cover Your Behind” pricing, generally shows up in estimates where the price seems high and it probably is. This is frequently due to a result of cost uncertainty stemming from a lack of detailed design planning and cost analysis by the contractor. In our current economy you are much more likely to experience “OOPS” pricing, where the contractor quotes low, you feel happy and give him the job, then after your walls are open he says “OOPS - this will cost extra and OOPS so will that.” Well there goes your budget! Either of these scenarios can frequently be avoided by investing a small sum into proper planning. By spending a few hundred dollars on a kitchen design plan, you can save yourself thousands if not even tens of thousands of dollars in either padded estimates or in overruns above and beyond what your original budget was set at. More importantly with proper design and planning you are much more likely to end up with a quality end product at a price you expected and can afford, which is what you really want.