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The convenient easy way to shop for a new affordable kitchen

We want to make your experience of shopping for a new kitchen easy and comfortable with no added cost. If you have questions? Our site is equipped with a special chat bar that allows you to communicate with our customer service staff in real time while you shop on our website, when we are available. If you are busy you can leave us a message and we will get back to you ASAP. If it is after business hours or just more convenient, you can contact us by phone, email or use our form on this website. This chat tool is available during regular business hours and the system will greet you if you are in the Ontario region.

We invite you to start your shop-at-home experience by completing the form below: Then scroll down and review our 4 steps to help you work through the process of design and material choices.

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To Submit Your Own Measurements, Drawings or Cabinet List

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STEP 1. Decide on the price range of your new kitchen. Is it a $5000 special, or is it a kitchen package deal, a seasonal or special offer or would you prefer to shop for a custom designed kitchen with no preset limitations. The choice is yours.

STEP 2. Collect ideas about the kitchen design and finishes you would like to have. Browse our virtual showroom for ideas including, before and after pictures, kitchen gallery, drawer options, flooring & lighting information and if you are looking at buying a kitchen package also give consideration to your included backsplash options. You can also check out door styles while in the virtual showroom. See step 3 below for more information about selecting a door style.

STEP 3. Now is the time to choose the finish details of your kitchen, such as the cabinet door style and the colour of the kitchen. The best way to do this is to view the cabinet door and colour option samples in person during an appointment. On the form that appears above you can request an appointment. In the notes section of the form you can list one or several door style preferences by number and or name. Visit the door styles section to pick a door. We can manufacture your preferred door style with any available colour. We will bring sample colour blocks to the appointment. We can also colour match to any colour for an additional charge. When you are ready to book your shop-at-home appointment click the link or scroll up.

STEP 4. When the New Affordable Kitchens representative visits your home, they will bring any doors you requested, to your appointment along with other similar doors in our collection that closely resemble or share the same style characteristics. During the visit the representative will also measure your kitchen or rooms and collect information about your overall plans and preferences. They will also bring other samples such as trim and crown, glass samples, and countertop samples etc. We recommend focusing on the cabinets, crown and door styles on the initial visit unless you are only purchasing a countertop. All the representative really needs to know initially about your countertop is what type of counter do you want? Laminate, granite, caesarstone, cambria or wood? As long as we know what type of counter we can properly estimate the price and the exact details such as colour or stone type can be chosen after the cabinets are ordered. This will save time and allow for your order to be processed faster so that your installation is sooner.

Any remaining steps will be outlined for you during the shop at home visit.

Happy Shopping!

After you submit the contact form with your appointment request we will confirm the appointment date and time with you by phone and by email. If there is a date conflict we will phone you to make other arrangements. If there is a time conflict we will adjust the time. Please verify the details of your appointment on the email to insure that you have the correct time.